Caishen Investments Ltd finance-analytical company, provides asset management services worldwide. Funds from private investors are directed to attractive investment projects in the areas of property, development, etc.
Before 2018, the main way of company business had been in working with large clients of several banks. Nowadays, CAISHEN INVESTMENTS Ltd works actively with products, which are the products of a retail-sale chain. In the same time, there are products of personal (non-market) usage that are directed to satisfy the needs of a concrete client.

You can become a partner of the company and receive independent fixed income

ConvenientOpportunity to earn income every month
ProfitableFixed income agreement
ReliableBest professionals with many years of experience
AffordableComfortable investments of your choice

The mission of the company is to help our clients create a stable and reliable future based on a combination of reliable tools.
Caishen Investments Ltd invests funds in most profitable and reliable projects only after scrupulous audit.


The company's mission is to help our clients create a stable and reliable financial well-being. Long-term and invaluable experience of experts gives the opportunity to use reliable, effective world-class financial instruments. And also thanks to a well-thought-out strategy and the use of promising areas of the world economy, it makes it possible to get a stable and high income.

CAISHEN International Consumer Society

The work of the International Consumer Society is aimed at meeting the needs of shareholders in order to support national development and improve the quality of life.

We are Caishen International Consumer Society whose members can be both individuals and legal entities

The consumer society conducts its activities in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 19.06.1992 No. 3085-1 (revised on 02.07.2013) “On Consumer Cooperation (Consumer Societies, Their Unions) in the Russian Federation”.

In its work, the Society focuses primarily on an individual approach and builds on the specific needs of customers.

We try to help our clients find the best financial instruments to implement their plans.

General Information

Caishen International Consumer Society provides high standards of services to the population, as evidenced by work in partnership with recognized leaders in the financial technology industry.

History of the Society

A group of like-minded people with extensive experience in the financial sector was set a goal of creating a non-profit organization that will:
- contribute to improving the welfare of the population
- provide high transparency and decent reliability in order to support national development and improve the quality of life.

Through in-depth market analysis and extensive research involving foreign experts in this field on the basis of an expanded resource base, the idea was realized in the creation of Caishen International Consumer Society – an organization that incorporates the best practices of similar organizations along with minimizing the risks inherent in other related activities.

Further development and expansion of the Society will contribute to improving the conditions for the provision of services to the population, developing social projects, as well as improving and optimizing all processes for even more effective income generation.